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Welcome to the Dyzine Tek LED Lighting Blog!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello, and welcome to the Dyzine Tek LED Lighting section of our updated web site. In case you are curious as to what we plan to showcase here, let me say that we're very excited to share what we've learned and are learning when it comes to LED Lighting, especially Smart LEDs and LED Lighting strings of all shapes and sizes.

Why LED Lighting? Who is Dyzine Tek, anyway? My name is Chris Cummings, I am the president of Dyzine Tek and I have been in product development for almost 40 years. Yes, I am old, LOL. 58 years young.

Most of my adult life has been spent helping to develop Coin Op Amusement and Gaming equipment. I worked with Michael Pace way back in 1989 to design and develop the Pot-O-Gold machine. It started out as a wooden pushbutton kiosk with a 13" CRT monitor that sold video pull-tabs. Eventually it became a full-fledged video touchscreen slot, poker and keno system with inter-machine networked progressives that grew into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in Tribal Casinos all over the US.

Later, I again worked with Michael on his Platinum Plus and EDGE systems, and I started a project that has become the Dragon's Ascent game. I hold a couple of patents for Pari-mutuel and Finite Keno and some upcoming ones for Dragon's Ascent.

So, after 35+ years of gaming system development, why LED Smart Lighting? Well the 35+ years of gaming system development is a solid clue on why to do something else, right? And I found I really liked working with addressable LEDs that we designed into the earlier cabinets for the Dragon game. The whole Arduino world and FastLED library make things so much easier for novice coders like me.

Now, to get the ball rolling on this new venture, I wanted to find a supplier / partner that already had a good portfolio of solidly designed and fabricated LED string lighting products. At CES 2022, I met the guys at Hysiry, a company that has done some very cool things in Smart LED String Lighting.

Check back and follow up with us as we go into some detail on what makes Hysiry Lighting's products so great.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you will come back soon!

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