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Season Opener

Well, it is THAT time of the year again!!

Maybe this is the year that you can outshine all your neighbors with some advanced technology LED string lights!

Dyzine Tek (a funny way to spell "design tech") has what you need; A wide selection of over 35 different types, styles and lengths of SMART LED string lights.

We have traditional Mini Christmas Lights, Mini Globe Lights, Fairy Bead Lights in both solid copper wire and flexible stranded cable versions, C7 bulb strings and many other shapes and sizes.

All of these light strings shown in the pic above are RGB, full-spectrum and individually controllable. They can be managed via buttons on the controller, a supplied IR Remote or by a mobile app via Bluetooth for all, and Bluetooth + WiFi for some of the string types.

Visit us at and let us show you all the wonder of SMART LED lighting!

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