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Intro to the new POWER+ Christmas Lights

Check these bad boys out! A new type of C9 or Globe string with 4 embedded smart APA102 LEDS wired in parallel inside every lamp!

Ultra Bright even in daylight. These lamps take in up to 48 Volts DC and use a high-efficiency buck regulator to drop the voltage down to 5VDC. This allow over 1000 lamps to be connected to a single 8-Amp string input.

18AWG wire is used, and UV-Cured Silicone glue is use to seal the wire ends of each socket. The lamp cover can be unscrewed and replaced to swap out style:

Under the hood, the small "Tower" PCB holds the power supply and LEDs:

Under the control of the trusty SP107E controller, these lights are getting power from a hefty 48VDC being fed into only one end, then chained together to form a string 200 feet long with 200 lamps:

Even when all 4 APA102 LEDs have all 3 RGB elements at 255 (maximum brightness), which means 60ma per APA102 or 240ma per lamp at 5VDC, even 200 lamps over 200 feet of wire show no sign of voltage drop. In fact, at the end of the Globe string, I measured 38VDC during this All-White test:

On another note:

Part Two of the Power+ LED strips is waiting on prototypes of new 12mm versions. Our existing prototypes are all 15mm and getting 6-position connectors is tough. To get the high-current connectors that can support 8 Amps, I have to pay for new tooling.

"Keep the light in your life!"

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