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NEW PRODUCT - Smart Icicle Lights!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

We have a new product on our eBay store just in time for the holiday season of 2022.

Taking advantage of the RGBHUB technology that lets designs include stubs, drops and other dead-ends, we felt we should prioritize Icicle Lights, since we can do things most other lighting types just can't do efficiently.

We received great support from our supplier, Hysiry on these icicle light string sets:

60 strands or "drops" as they are called, in 3 different lengths that repeat 20 times. Heavy bus wire along the top and an extra power run that goes uninterrupted all the way to the far end of the string to level the voltage allows it to obtain a length of over 32 feet long and 260 LEDs!

The wire used in the drops is the same molded, multi-conductor cable with bonded bead LEDs they use in the Fairy Lights:

These LEDs are really amazing! The substrate of the actual LED module that has the microcontroller and R,G and B Diodes is transparent, so in combination with the milky-white epoxy that seals everything to IP67 they produce light omnidirectionally!

When we saw how the drops got all crinkled up in shipping, we surmised there could be 2 schools of thought:

  1. The waviness gives more "thickness" to the drops and makes the drops more random in length, which is all good OR

  2. The waviness makes the cascading and other downward-traveling light animations look non-uniform and the lack of anything pulling them straight allows even a slight breeze to get drops all tangled up.

So, we decided to do a little experiment, which resulted in creating 2 SKU models, one with weights, and one without:

The weights have been added to the 2 left drops via 1/8 oz drop shots and clear heat shrink. Adding the weights really helps to keep the drops straight and the LEDs in-line from drop-to-drop, which makes several of the animation modes look more uniform. To all the non-sound-activated modes (called "scenes" by Hysiry, here is a video:

Both models can be found TODAY on our eBay store

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