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Case Buttons, IR Remote or App Control? Part 1

Hysiry Smart LED Light strings have a multitude of modes and control means. They can be Sound-Activated, set to Auto-Cycle through a number of predesigned animation modes called scenes or be set to a static color. Some even allow some Do-It-Yourself editing! And most of these modes can be set by activation of buttons on the controller case, via an IR Remote or a wireless connection via either Bluetooth only or Bluetooth + WiFi!

That is a real mouthful of acronyms and technical jargon, right? So let's unwind it all and try to make some sense of all this great control flexibility.

Let's start with the controllers. There are 3 currently in use, depending on the type of string being controlled and the type of wireless connectivity supported.

For all the Bluetooth-Only RGB Dreamcolor strings (each LED can be any of 16 million colors and is individually controlled by the controller), the controller looks like one of these 2:

For all standard Fairy, Mini-Globe, TV Backlights, Photo-Clip, Outdoor Christmas, G40 Color and others:

For the new Vertical Curtains and Icicle Lights:

Both of these controllers are IP65, which means they can be outdoors, but submerging them in water is not recommended. The LEDs themselves are good to 3 feet below the surface (IP67). Also, if a controller is submerged, all bets are off on any wireless connectivity!

For Bluetooth + WiFi (2.4GHz ONLY) connectivity, the controllers look like this:

The IR Sensor is external on these due to the case being opaque. The "black" case above actually allows Infrared light to pass through it, so the IR sensor is able to be inside; Very clever!

Depending on the controller, the button count and functions are different. Be sure to read the instruction sheets for the light set you have. The sheet describes what the buttons can do with short and long presses.

The next step up is using the IR Remote. The IR remote is actually the only way to get to certain functions of the controller, as of this writing (11/25/2022). There are 4 different remotes, depending on the string type:

To use a remote, make sure to pull the clear plastic battery isolator tab out and discard it.

The vast majority of string types use the white controller. It allows you to turn the power on and off (display blanking, but the controller stays powered to receive IR and wireless signals). You can also set brightness level, Red, Green, Blue and White static colors, a delay in minutes after press for automatically powering down, 3 Sound-Activated modes, 5 Animation Scene Types, scanning up and down through Scene Types, and a special button that must be carefully managed.

The Auto-Cycle button (the button with 2 arrows chasing each other) puts the controller into a mode that automatically switches through all available modes every so often and loops forever. If you set this mode on the IR Remote, you can ONLY disable it by pressing it again. There is no way to stop Auto-Cycle from the case buttons or the mobile app.

The Icicle lights use the larger black remote with lots of solid color buttons. This remote is currently the ONLY way to get access to ALL of the over 40 scenes supported in the controller, by using the green Up and Down arrows.

The Curtain Light sets us the remote with all the image icons. They represent the class of animation scenes, like holidays or themes. There are 2 Auto Cycle buttons on this remote. The top one cycles through over 100 different scenes and all themes. The lower Auto-Cycle button only cycles within the selected theme. This works great for the IC Chip theme, which holds all the random patterns. I wish they did not the Spaceman and Einstein in with the abstract patterns, though, LOL.

Stay tuned for Part 2; Mobile App? which Mobile App?

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